Camera-Ready and Copyright Submission​

Dear Authors of BlockSys 2022,

Thanks for publishing your BlockSys 2022 papers with Springer CCIS. All accepted papers should be in the format described below. At least one co-author should finish regular registration with the conference at: format problem may cause your paper excluded in the conference proceedings.

BlockSys 2022 Conference Proceedings

Each regular conference paper can have 12-14 pages (note: papers accepted as SHORT, will be published as 6-8 pages in the BlockSys’2022 proceedings, published by CCIS, Springer). The copyright form will be scanned and sent together with the camera-ready paper by email. In order to restrict the size of the copyright form, it is requested to scan as a PDF file.

The Camera-Ready Package

Please make sure to submit your full package of files (with package name: BlockSys2022+paper ID(submission ID)+corresponding author by email  ( by June 15, 2022  with any time zone (FIRM DEADLINE). Your email subject can have the same name of the package.

The camera-ready package should be a compressed zip file (.zip) containing:
* all the source files (including figures, style files, eps or bbl files, or Word or rtf files),
*  the DVI file (for papers prepared using LateX or TeX),
*  the final PS/PDF file,
*  the scanned copyright form in PDF,
*  additional information.txt.
Authors of registered papers, or at least one of them, are requested to present their work (either oral presentation or poster presentation) at the conference, otherwise their papers will be removed from the digital library after the conference.

Please carefully read the instructions below, and download the relevant files.

(1) We need the source files (LaTeX files with all the associated style files, special fonts and eps or bbl files, or Word or rtf files) and the final PDF file of your camera-ready paper (final paper). There should be one set of source files and one PDF file per paper. Please strictly use the Latex Style files or WORD templates of Springer LNCS/CCIS ( when preparing your camera-ready paper. Notice that your final PDF file should NOT contain any page numbers. Also notice that the final PDF file MUST be exactly corresponding to the final source files.

(2) We need a “Consent to Publish form”, signed by one author on behalf of all of the authors of the paper. Please download a partially completed copyright form for the BlockSys 2022 conference (from here). Notice that we do not accept digital signatures, so please make sure that your Consent to Publish form will have been signed in ink. Please scan those two pages of the form and convert them to a PDF file. The file name can be “Consent to Publish form.pdf”. Please make sure that you haven’t ticked the boxes after the signature BY MISTAKE.

(3) Please indicate the name and e-mail address of the corresponding author who will check the proof of the paper in the text file named “additional information.txt” within the full package of files. Approximately one to two weeks after the Volume Editors send all of the files to Springer, the authors are given the opportunity to check the final PDF files of their papers. The corresponding author should be available to check the proof of the paper upon request in a timely way.

(4) Please put the information about who will present your paper in the text file “additional information.txt”. Please indicate the names in the following way: First Name (Given Name) followed by Last Name (Family Name).

(5) About the title of your paper: Please use upper case letter for the first letter of each word in the title; for prepositions and conjunctions such as “for” and “and”, do not apply this rule, use lower case letter for the first letter of such words instead.

(6) About the keywords of your paper: Please provide 5-8 keywords for your paper. Please use semicolon (“;”) to separate between two keywords. Please follow the formatting rule to use “upper case first letter” for each word as in the title, except for propositions and conjunctions and the like. Notice that the “Keywords” section should be formatted the same as the “Abstract” section; the “Keywords” section should NOT be formatted the same as the “Introduction” section.

(7) About Affiliations: Please use the following sample format (ZIP code right after the city name):

Sample: School of Data and Computer Science, Sun Yat-sen University, Guangzhou 510006, China

(8) Avoid to have large size figures, which increases the total size of the package of files. Please make sure that the total size of the package of files is less than 5MB, preferably less than 2MB.

(9) Avoid to use any footer in the first page of the paper. Your funding support numbers and/or other information should appear in the “Acknowledgments” section.

(10) Make sure to use .zip for compressing the package of files. Do not use .rar or .gz or any other compressed file formats.

(11) Do not send the package of files together with registration files. We have different people to deal with camera-ready submission and registration respectively.

(12) If you want to have the “Acknowledgments” section, please make sure to use “Acknowledgments” other than “Acknowledgment” or “Acknowledgement” or “Acknowledgements”. Notice that you should not have a section number associated with “Acknowledgments” section.

(13) If you want to point out who are corresponding author(s), please use a small envelope with superscript right after the person’s name, and do not use “*” to denote corresponding authorship, and do not add “Corresponding Author” or similar text in the paper.

We will not accept your package of files if any of the above items is missing or not addressed well. Thanks for your attention!

Journal Paper Submission

(1) All accepted papers are recommended for publication in Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing ( Please note that the journal paper must have at least 70% different materials beyond your conference paper.

(2) Journal submissions should be prepared for publication according to Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing submission guidelines. As an Open Access title, publishing an article in this journal requires an Article Processing Charge (APC) that will be billed to the submitting author following acceptance. Apart from this Article Processing Charge there are no other fees (for example submission charges, page charges, or color charges). The Article Processing Charge for the journal is $2500, which is not included in the registration fee of BlockSys 2022.

(3) All papers may be subject to a second round reviewing process of journals.

(4) We DO NOT guarantee recommended papers to be published in the journals if the (revised) paper does not reach the journal’s requirements.

Best regards,

Volume Editors

Davor Svetinovic, Vienna University of Economics and Business, Austria

Yin Zhang, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, China

Xiapu Luo, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong

Xiaoyan Huang, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, China

Xiangping Chen, Sun Yat-sen University, China