Conference LocationEadry Royal Garden Hotel (Haikou)    

Address: No 188 Haiyu Avenue, Haikou, Hainan

Tel: +86-898-65818888

The Chinese-style garden hotel under Visun Group is known as the “Forbidden City of the South”.Eadry Royal Garden Hotel Haikou, the only five-star hotel in Hainan built in an oriental royal garden theme with castle walls, moat, garden, water sites and other fascinating resort features. Integrating imperial construction arts and landscape garden characters, the hotel is an architectural savvy that creates an enchanting retreat in royal style with ultimate comfort and luxury.

With an excellent location in the capital city, Haikou, the economic and cultural center of Hainan province, the hotel is situated at the west of Haiyu Avenue within easy reach of the Eastern Highway, Haikou City Expressway and Meilan International Airport. 

Mighty and Luxurious – an exceptional lifestyle awaits you. 305 well-appointed guestrooms perfectly blend in the elegant occidental features and the graceful oriental elements. Equipped with hi-tech facilities, rooms and suites are designed with fascinating charisma.

Devine and Savory – the taste will linger in your memory. The classic and gorgeous Cantonese Kungkuan Restaurant is embraced with brooks and landscape, creating the serene ambiance for you to enjoy a sumptuous meal. La Rive Restaurant has an open kitchen, allowing you to appreciate every dish with all your senses.

Serene and Harmonious – the magic touch soothes your body and soul. The fragrance of aromatherapy oil and the soft whisper of dripping gradually lead you to a rejuvenation journey of spa. Inspired by the combination of the health promotion in Chinese medicine and Thai manipulation of physiotherapy, the hotel’s signature spa will indulge your senses, soothe your body, and revitalize your spirit.